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An 8 week journey, back to the innate feminine harmony, self love and empowerment that exists within all women...

Neutral Beige Minimalist Course Workbook
Remember when if someone said “she loves herself” we took it as an insult, and actually go

flow instead of force, nourishment instead of punishment,

 expression instead of suppression

is an in depth, evidence based journey to inner harmony. It's the reclamation of your birth right. A group coaching container, access to pre-recorded practices, meditations, journal prompts and specifically designed interactive workshops as well as accountability and support for your transformation. 



What to expect?

Group Coaching, Recorded Somatic Movement Exercises, Recorded Guided Meditations, EFT Tapping, Breathing Techniques, Guidance with Intuitive Eating, Intermittent Fasting, Recorded Yoga Nidra, Visualisation, Journalling...


I am with you

I spent years, disconnected from my power, at war with my body, wishing I could be smaller, punishing myself for what I ate, feeling disconnected from my sensuality, sexuality, riddled in shame, ignoring my desires, people pleasing and not quite getting the pleasure from life that I knew deep down was possible. 

Remember when if someone said “she loves herself” we took it as an insult, and actually go

You deserve to taste all the juicy fruits of life and feel deeply routed in your femininity.

We explore our femininity with a soft approach, through sharing, opening up, community, and togetherness, we hold space for each other.


We discover and uncover our limiting beliefs and REWRITE them. 


What are the stories we tell ourselves?


How do those stories serve us?


Can we exchange them for one that supports our higher vision? 

We dive deep into the sacredness of our menstrual cycle and honouring the cyclical nature of our being. 

We learn how to feel empowered through our sexuality and speaking our truth, letting go of that people pleaser and being free to express your true authentic self.

We learn that pleasure is our BIRTHRIGHT and develop a deep and profound intimacy with ourselves.

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for you if...

  • You are physically, mentally and emotionally tired of trying to keep up with the pressure of modern diet culture and comparison.

  • You know you have more to offer the world and you have the potential to feel incredible.

  • You have a voice in your heart that whispers.."theres more"

  • You have some habits that are damaging your health and you want support exchanging them for positive habits that support your health.

  • You want to explore more of your feminine nature and dive deep into the superpowers of being a woman. 

  • You have always been in a place of 'punishment' with your body. 

  • You've experience burnout before and want to prevent that happening again.

  • You find yourself looking in the mirror and criticising your reflection.

  • You are thinking about the future and want to have a lifestyle that is going to allow you to thrive with grace into old age.

  • You have some limiting beliefs about your body image that has a negative impact on your confidence.

  • You want to flow with life not force.

sound familiar? 

Remember when if someone said “she loves herself” we took it as an insult, and actually go

The soft and sacred sacred way to harmony

What's included?

  • 8x 90 minute group weekly coaching calls  (higher tier 1-2-1 coaching option available)

  • 8x guided meditations to support each step of your process.

  • Access to the Reclaim resources including four recorded yoga classes, Embodiment masterclass, Breathwork class, Menstruation masterclass

  • WhatsApp support within working hours.

  • Bespoke food and movement guidance.

  • Guidance for making the most of the time in the kitchen and on the gym floor/yoga mat.

  • A printable workbook for your 8-week journey, with exercises, journal prompts, and resources so that you can revise and revisit for a LIFETIME. Joining a private Facebook group to connect with other women in the community.

  • Free 12-week check-in


remembering that your life on earth is sacred.

express yourself authentically with the world, no more playing small. 

create the life you want to live by working with your body

lead your own life, learn authority over your body, mind and emotions

attune yourself to the requests and desires of your body and hear them.

Intentional action in the direction of your desires

mastery of mind, body and emotions


"Just love yourself"

How many times have you heard that? Just love yourself. People make it sound so easy. The thing is, it actually can be.

With beliefs that support your goals, thoughts that empower you, and a healthy supportive routine that serves you, you can effortlessly radiate and share your brightness with the world.

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