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Radically Honest 


Introducing my most accessible offering to date..

I recognize your dreams, goals, and visions, I see you and I want you to win at life. This offering combines the creativity of the feminine with the structure and accountability of the masculine and invites you to forge an honest path to where you want to be.

It starts with YOU


This course is for you if...

  • You are ready to take radical responsibility for where you are at right now. 

  • You have had enough of being a dreamer and desire to make genuine, grounded progress.

  • You can get anxious or overwhelmed when you think about your dreams.

  • You get anxious or overwhelmed when you think about your money or bank account. 

  • You struggle keeping up with your goals and could use some accountability. 

  • You want to have goals that align with your authentic expression and a roadmap towards achieving them. 

  • You are ready to make 2024 the best year of your life.

A 12 week, group coaching container.

1 Call every 2 weeks (fortnightly).

90 Minute Calls 

WhatsApp Support 

Advanced Goal Setting 



An opportunity to be seen, heard, felt for all that you are in your truth. 

Connect with other women. 


So, what's involved?

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A year from now, you look back and say
"2024 was the year I
OWNED IT, because I developed Radical Honesty throughout my life and it changed EVERYTHING"...

Tell me more about Radical Honesty

It's a powerful practice that encourages you to feel confident and comfortable with who you are. It is the clarity you need to navigate your goals and co-create your life. Its connecting to your heart and saying goodbye to the people pleaser. Its trusting in the truth of your feelings and closing the gap between what is real for you and what you share with the world. HELLO ALIGNMENT.

Lets talk money...

The undeniable truth is that our money habits, sculpted by childhood beliefs, often dictate our financial destinies. We have ingrained affirmations and mantras, such as "money doesn't grow on trees" or "I'm not made of money," these early convictions shape a relationship with money. Radical honesty empowers you to dismantle these limiting beliefs, take an honest look at your spending, and pave the way for a liberated and flourishing financial future.

Think about it...

in our relationships, honesty is the bedrock for thriving connections. While we yearn for openness with our partners, we can still cloak ourselves in a web of self-deception. We weave tales, both comforting and confounding, using little white lies to shield ourselves from the stark reality of our true selves.


The power to lead your life awaits – are you ready to seize it with Radical Honesty

How the programme will unfold...

A brief description of how the three months will unfold as you embark on the journey of radical honesty.

Call 1


Fearlessly explore the six domains of your life...

Call 2

Authentic Code

What are your values?

What do you want to experience and create?

Holding space for fear of expansion, imposter syndrome and scarcity mindset.

Call 3

The Roadmap

Renegotiating our relationship with hard work. 

Reverse engineering where you want to be to where you are now.

Call 4

Alignment and Accountability

Aligning your actions and daily habits towards the vision. 


The power of your word.

Call 5

Befriending Obstacles

Renegotiating our relationship with setbacks and failures. 


Honouring our willingness

Call 6

Celebrating you! 

This is where we celebrate you, for showing up, for doing the work, for taking the reigns on your experience. This is a very important part of the journey. 

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"The Radically Honest Woman" is my most accessible offering yet, priced at just fifty pounds per month. For 12 weeks, women embark on a path of accountability and growth, participating in empowering group coaching sessions with two calls a month. This accessible investment ensures that every woman, regardless of her financial circumstance, can access the power of radical honesty, personalized coaching, and a supportive community. It's a commitment to making empowerment affordable and within reach, inviting women to invest in themselves and their authenticity without financial barriers. The impact of radical honesty shouldn't be exclusive, and with this offering, it becomes an attainable and empowering reality for all.

If you feel the call...

"Its impossible to read a map if we don't know where we are starting from."

- A woman who owns Radical Honesty yields to the truth of who she is in the present moment, and then gets to be crystal clear about where she wants to go. This is a crucial stage in her evolution, her womanhood, in taking responsibility for who she is.

What you will receive...

WhatsApp Support 

You will be invited to a group where we will connect and share our journey, meet new women, and rise together.

Downloadable Sheet/ Journal Prompts

Journal Prompts and action steps for each stage in the journey.

Group Coaching

In real time support, guidance and advice from myself.


You will be held accountable for your commitments and reminded of your WHY.

Abbey Hull

Jamie I cant thank you enough for your programme. I have never felt so much joy, contentment fulfilment and excitement for the future"

Emma Thompson

"Thank you Jamie, your support is helping me transform my limiting beliefs and access my power"

Emma Attwood

"My experience on Jamies course has been magical, it was a balance between scientific and spiritual information. I have learned so much and look forward to doing more in the future".

To the Radically Honest woman, I salute you!

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