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Thank you for being here

Hey my love I'm Jamielou,

My mission is to guide women back toward their feminine essence and experience radiance from within. 

I believe that the universe exists through all of us, and we are here to discover our potential as BEING HUMAN. 

We have been raised to believe that playing small is playing safe. We have been conditioned to dim our light and to live in survival mode. 

When it is just you and you and your mind wonders to the same dream, idea, or vision, you know that there is more, your soul yearns for more intimacy, feeling, magic, sensation, more aliveness.

Remember when if someone said “she loves herself” we took it as an insult, and actually go

   "Truth seeking is the path to self-annihilation and thus to liberation."

― Bernardo Kastrup


I value authenticity, wholeness, freedom, s3xual and sensual liberation and embracing all of the parts of myself.


I realised through my own enquiry that I had inherited and accumulated so much shame, pain and blame from the conditioning that I was born into. 


I was TERRIFIED of seeing all of  myself because it would mean total annihilation..

I was unable to express my true yes and true no because of this intense need to be liked.


However, every time I ignored my truth, a part of my spirit felt depleted, I knew that I was saying no to myself.

I went to extreme lengths to get my needs met because I didn't have the resources to meet them myself.

From extreme dieting, over exercising, giving away my energy frivolously, relationship hopping, you name it, I outsourced my energy constantly.

Sound familiar?


I have always been fascinated by the human mind, discovering the depths of who I am and learning how to love the parts I didn't to see. 

This process within myself has enabled me to forgive myself , to not judge the parts of me that were just desperate to be loved. It has also enabled me to make peace with my parents and love them for who they are. 

The first twenty years of my life was, as I experienced it, suffering, survival mode. I attempted suicide several times in my teens. I remember just not wanting to be here for so long.


My parents were young, addicted and broke. My mum was abusive physically and emotionally and my dad was absent. 

I am not going to bypass and say that any of that is "good", but I am at a place where I can truly say that none of that is their fault. None of me feels like that 'shouldn't' have been my life. It was and therefore that is exactly how it was meant to be.

I have chosen to believe that this is the life path I chose, with the lessons and the codes that I needed to make me the woman I am today who gets to support others on their journey.


A little more...

I am the living proof that if you allow them, the most challenging things in our lives can become the spiritual rocket fuel to propel you into your aligned life. 

I have learned through my own process, that our bodies hold so many of the secrets to where we are blocked, ashamed or fearful. 

I have learned how powerful it is to deeply listen to our bodies and allow her to speak to us...


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