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Welcome love

Thank you for being here. I'm Jamielou and it is my mission to help women across the world reconnect with their feminine essence and shine from within. 

I believe that God wants us at our highest frequency, in line with our highest potential, oozing authenticity.

I have realised through my journey that playing small serves nobody. Saying no to your dreams because you are afraid to claim them serves nobody, Not being able to receive the abundance of life that is given to us every day because beliefs of unworthiness serves nobody, its time to shine.

But I didnt always think this way...

Remember when if someone said “she loves herself” we took it as an insult, and actually go

I was a people pleaser, who didnt know what her internal YES or NO was. I just wanted to be loved, and liked by the world at the expense of my own energy, boundaries and true desires. 

I spent most of my life abandoning myself, giving my energy away frivelously and not honouring my cycle. I was forcing myself to look a certain way through extreme dietting, over exercising and even trying to starve myself. I tried every diet under the sun, felt uncomfortable in all of my clothes and just wanted to look like everyone else. 

I hold so much compassion for the woman I used to be.

My story


I was born when my mum was 17 years old without financial resources. She did her best with the circumstances she had and the pain she carries to raise me alone. I was fortunate enough to have supportive granparents on my fathers side who always showed me unconditional love and faith. 

It wasn't easy, I felt like life was incredibly miserable and challenging as a child, but as an adult, and with the knowledge I have aquired I have chosen to believe that my soul was given a unique set of challenges. Those challenges  then became my curriculum and the act of overcoming them was where I discovered all of my strength. 

I believe everything I have been through on my journey and the trauma I have experienced happened FOR ME not TO ME and I choose to believe that. 

I have always been fascinated by my own mind, discovering the depths of who I am, and personal development. 

In 2010 I started practicing Yoga and learning how to connect with my physical body. Through this journey I started to become aware of the mindbody connection and the relationship between physical and mental health. 

In 2013 I started to experiment with psyilosybin as I became incredibly curious about the workings of my mind. I learned through experience that with the intention of breaking through some mental blockages the use of psyilsybin is and incredible tool and valuable teacher for ME.

A decade later and working with mushrooms 3/4 times a year has been a ritual for me ever since. 

I consider myself an advocate for this medicine when used in the right container and treated with the reverance and caution they require. 

As my quest for inner knowledge as unfolded, I started to become curious about all the parts of me that I had hidden away, the parts of me I believed were unacceptable, shameful and wrong. 

I have began to see my fears as information that I can be curious about rather than run away from. I see life as an opportunity for my soul to learn, love and grow and through this support others in the journey of doing so themselves. 

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