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You are not a drop in the ocean,

you are the ocean in a drop.

- Rumi


I am so grateful you are here. Its an honour and pleasure to serve you - 

I am here, on this earth to guide women towards the innate power that is within them. I believe with every fibre of my being that the world needs all of us in our power...

Hey Beauty,

I take the inside out approach to radical unapologetic expression, health and self love. Only when we accept, nurture and fall in love with ourselves from the inside, the outside world falls into place. 

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In the Reclaim Method, I guide you and a group of other women through an eight week long container to Reclaiming your innate feminine power. It is the inside out approach to inner harmony. We have outgrown the superficial paradigm and realise that changing the exterior does not work long term. We get to the root of your internal blocks and transend them. Without a relaxed nervous system and tools to emotionally regulate ourselves, we cannot get beyond the fight or flight response and access the higher aspects of our unlimited being.

"I cant thank you enough for this programme, it has helped me more than I can explain. I have never felt so many different emotions, but my overall feeling now is pure joy, contentment gratitude, fulfilment and so much excitement for the future. I'ts helped ignite the fire in my belly to do better, be better, but more importantly, to just be."

Abbey Hull

Did someone say Retreat?

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