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Every part of you is welcome...

Hello love, I’m Jamie a Holistic wellness coach, feminine embodiment guide & retreat leader.

I support women to reclaiming her inherent worth, connect to her body, her voice and sensual feminine power. I remind women how to attract and not chase, to soften and listen to the wisdom of her body, and to nourish and nurture herself so she shines from within.


I embody feminine, heart-led leadership and feel my way through life. I believe our body holds all the answers we seek, we just have to listen and pay attention.

My coaching style is an integrated combination of various modalities,have a Diploma in Personal Training, Bsc in Nutritional Science, 500Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and currently studying a masters in Transpersonal Psychology, Spirituality and Consciousness with Alef Trust.

We are not doing all of this alone, you are held and supported by the universe in ways you cannot even imagine..


I guide you back into trusting in life again, letting go, giving yourself permission to receive...

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I am here...

For the woman who knows in her soul that

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Take a look at some of the ways in which you can work with me.

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121 Mentoring

A 1-2-1 intimate, deep diving, bespoke mentorship specific to your needs.



Immersive, life changing in person experiences in UK and Ibiza.


Group Coaching

Dynamic, collective transformational process with other sisters on your path.


Ever had a moment where you feel 'stuck', or have this subtle feeling that there is more to life?

 Do you have this desire to explore the depths of yourself, your body, to your pleasure, to your experience than you have felt so far?


We all have this intuitive awareness of our potential, but often times we don't know where to start in following or listening to it.


The truth this, the only person who knows what path you should follow is you. The answers are all inside of you, but through society and our conditioning, we have forgotten how to listen to that inner knowing. When we are in these periods of change or transition it can be intense, scary, lonely, confusing


My role is to support you in exploring the depths of yourself with tools and rituals that help you to listen to the wisdom of your own body. I will help you to carve out your own path, to honour those things that set your unique soul on fire. I will share valuable resources, tools and practices that will sharpen your intuition, build self trust, and help you to live from your truth. 

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Receive Free Menstruation Masterclass

Discovering how to honour or cycle both from the biological and the spiritual perspective can be deeply empowering. We can use our menstrual cycle as leverage for our gifts, our energy levels and rather than it being something uncomfortable, it can be a process of deeper bodily awareness and insight.

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Jamie’s coaching and reclaim programme are amazing! She provides an open, loving and curious space to explore your inner world whilst educating you on key topics to support your mind body and soul. Jamie leads with her heart so you always feel supported and safe within her presence. I would invest my money over and over again to get the transformation I have gone through this year and Jamie was the one who started me on this path. If you feel unhappy in life or feel stuck I would definitely encourage you to invest in Jamie’s courses / coaching and watch how quickly you progress.

Jasmine Lewis

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